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Kwey and thank you for visiting my web site.

I'm honored that you take the time to explore my universe.

I seem to have been playing music for ever. When I was young in Gaspé, my uncles used to empty the big room and put all the furniture out on the gallery to make place for the dancers. The violins and the guitars would come out of their hiding places and the party began. When I was eight years old they invited me to play ‘'Walk the line'' by Johnny Cash. For me it was the start, I wanted to play like them.

In winter, with the mouth organ cupped in his hands, my grand-father told stories sitting in his rocking chair by the wood stove. I wanted to make people travel like he did.

Today my music is a ‘métissage', a mix of my Métis/Mi'kmag roots, country, old school R&B and swamp from the southern States. I like to call my music ‘swamp folk'!

The stories that I carry are also a mix. They are traditional stories of my nation and contemporary stories that touch the values that I hold so dearly.

I hope that through my site you will smell the perfume of the trees, the whisper of the river and the voices of the ancestors on the wind.

Thank you for visiting me,